I am Alexander Guth, born in Sindelfingen Germany, passionate about motorcycle performance, adventure riding, and world travel. World travel brought me to the United States in 1998.

I was a BMW Motorcycle technician for the past 24 years. Trained by BMW Motorrad throughout these years on all motorcycles in the BMW inventory, and formerly certified as a BMW Master technician, and a certified BMW Motorcycle Service Manager. These titles no longer apply to me directly as I no longer work for a BMW dealership, but they do highlight my experience and exposure to BMW motorcycles.

As stated, I am German. I love BMW motorcycles above all other brands because they are the finest motorcycles available to the touring and adventure rider, and they are built in my homeland. There is no way I will permit myself to do shoddy work reflecting poorly upon myself, my homeland, or the fine machines that come from there. I am as precise as the bikes I work on.

My passion for maintaining fine BMW motorcycles in prime operating condition also extends to building and riding the most competent Adventure Bikes available. I've ridden extensively in Africa, eastern Europe, and the U.S. I completely understand the need for accessories and well thought out modifications that provide superb functionality and reliability. So, if you are head out on a world tour, or to ride the Continental Divide, let me assist you in building and preparing your bike for the trip.