REMUS Sport Exhaust is world renowned for its quality and performance enhancement and is the equipment I use on my motorcycles. In fact, I've had a long relationship with REMUS and based on that as well as my personal experience have no concerns about recommending the products to you.


For example, if you ride a BMW F800GS, you know the throttle is a bit snatchy at low off road speeds resulting in a jerky sensation and frustration with throttle control. Many riders try a different throttle control, or other thought to be good remedies. None work well enough. The solution is a full REMUS exhaust which eliminates the bulge in the exhaust pipe containing the catalytic converter. It is the bulge that creates the jerky throttle and relates to poor evacuation of exhaust gasses. The results more than justify the cost and why not experience all the power the F800GS engine has on tap?

I have on hand some of the more popular REMUS exhaust items. However, if I don't have what you want, I can order any of the many REMUS items popular with BMW owners. Slip-on installation is provided at NO CHARGE if the exhaust is ordered through me. Full REMUS exhaust systems (header, tail pipe, slip-on) up to $90 per hour.