Let me begin with a little background. Over the years I have assisted customers of Helge Pedersen, the proprietor of Globe Riders, Inc. accessorize and modify their motorcycles before departing on one of Helge"s World Tours. If you visit Helge's website, you will see that his business is leading Adventure Motorcyclists on tours through remote parts of our world; Africa, Asia, S.E. Asia, South America, and so on. Riding of this ilk requires a motorcycle be set up with the best accessories, and have the rider ergonomics adjusted to suit the rider so maximum performance, handling, and safety are realized.

Further, service and repair facilities simply don't exist in the more remote places of the world so the customer's bike has to be examined for potential failure points - for example, some of the BMW GS bikes have areas in the main wiring harness that wear from flexing near the steering head but most owners are unaware of this potential failure point. I know where these things are, look for them, and apply preventive repairs before the worn component fails, let's say, in the middle of Siberia.

Some of the CAN-BUS bikes have potential critical component failure items and a spare part, along with instruction on how to replace it in the field, are prudent for the customer to take along with them. I know what these are and advise/teach accordingly.

Finally, there are a lot of manufacturers who offer accessories like skid plates, luggage racks, crash bars, suspension components, and so on. Some of these are very good quality and stand up to the rigors of extended Adventure Motorcycling. Others are less durable, or interfere with simple oil changes, or repairing flat tires. I know these things and can advise you on what is best to buy, from what outlet to buy it, and then professionally install them on your bike.

Let me give you an example: ClearWater LED auxiliary lights. I sell these as an accessory any motorcyclist should use and install them for my customers. With so many LED light options available, I wanted something a rider can use for basic visibility at low light output so they are easy to see by motorists, yet not blind them with excessive output. I also wanted a light whose output can be varied from low visibility needs to full on, off road, unparalleled night time illumination. The ClearWater LED products provide this flexibility, and work nicely with the various BMW motorcycles on the market. No other product does this as elegantly.

Lisa's bike needed a new engine after 200,000 miles of world travel

Simon and Lisa ready to get back on the road

A recent F800GS build - Touratech ZEGZ Pro - Black Anodized Panniers

Scotts Steering Damper

Touratech Engine Guards - powder coated black

Clearwater Darla LED on BMW Factory Aux Light mount


Halfway Point


Made It


Leaving Prudhoe Bay


Nothing Broke