This page is a short term thing where I'll let you know about various items I'm evaluating like tires, chains, tubes, assorted accessories I think are worth considering - and clothing.

Some of you know I'm riding to Inuvik in the Northwest Territories of Canada in July. The trip will be about 5000 miles covering all manner of riding conditions an adventure rider can encounter. Road conditions will vary from smooth Interstate, to rough tire eating chip seal, to winter damaged and heavily pot holed tarmac, and finally to gravel, flint gravel, mud, and perhaps snow. I'm told to expect temperatures from our July 70+ degrees to freezing and hot/dry to monsoonal and cold.

So gloves, boots, tires and clothing choices among others are important and this year I'm most excited about field testing the HELITE ADV Touring Jacket with the integrated Airbag. Click on the picture for details.


Airbag technology makes a lot of sense for motorcyclists, however we are a picky consumer group. I'll wear this jacket on the ride to Inuvik through the various weather conditions expected and let you know if it really does work as an Adventure Jacket. My first impression is the garment is very well made, with the functionality we want as adventure riders. I'll let you know the results.

Please note that HELITE makes vests and other interesting garments.